Cool Bags – Red Maps

Step into that first class seat in style with the right carry-on.  Here are 3 sources of
cool bags and luggage in Amsterdam, Berlin and online from London.  Whether you’re
about good design, utilization or exquisite craftsmanship, we’ve got you covered.

Property of…
Herenstraat 2, Amsterdam
Property of… takes a fresh approach to making those nondescript bags
with cool shapes and soft fabrics.  How did we hear about them?  They
used our map in one of their photos and now they offer Red Maps in
their Amsterdam shop!

Torstrasse 102, Berlin
In the still cool Mitte District, MilkBerlin is offering up these smooth
to the touch, glossy designs in crisp definitive colors.


Williams British Handmade

Available upon request:
We don’t care what it costs, in fact we’ll buy clothes just to fit
into these limited edition, hand-made pieces. If only to see the
reaction from the other passengers. Get your travel-game on.


And visit the Red Maps Store for maps of Amsterdam, Berlin and London.

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