Style & Design We Like – That’s So Rad

That’s So Rad, illustrates California fashion through the photography of Cristi Silva of Blue Bee in Santa Barbara.  The images for this first posting, and what you’ll see in the forthcoming months shows Cristi’s terrific ability to shoot a scene, tell a story, and capture the clothes (in this case Joe’s Jeans).

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3 Responses to Style & Design We Like – That’s So Rad

  1. Cristi says:

    RED MAPS is such an amazing product and I LOVE reading your blog! My friend who travils frequently also is not turned on to you guys! Thank you for the wealth of info for lovers of traviling, adventures and being on the road!

    AND thank you SO much for your super sweet comments! AHHHHH you guys are WAY TOO RAD AND WAY TOO AWESOME!!! YOU are seroulsly the best!!!

    Much LOVE – Cristi 🙂

  2. Cyndi says:

    She does amazing work! Thank you for featuring Thatsorad and!

  3. Dan Jablons says:

    I love that blog! Coolest photography, and great clothes from Blue Bee.

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