Vienna – Europe’s City of the Moment

Vienna, a city that stood at the center of one of history’s greatest empires, is seeing a return to power.  Recently featured in the New York Times and Conde Nast Traveller, Vienna  is a city known for its imperial palaces, museums, fashion and food. Visit the links below to read more about this Empire City and to preview and purchase the 2011 Red Map Vienna.

New York Times
Cool Shops: In Vienna, a Bespoke Tradition Thrives
Leopold Museum: Fin-de-Siecle Hothouse, Plush and Neurotic

Conde Nast Traveller March 2011
Hofburg and Schonbrunn Palaces: The Empire Strikes Back
Cool Hotels: Places and Prices: Vienna’s Waltz with History

The Red Maps Vienna is the perfect concise guide to Vienna’s museums, palaces,
shopping and history- from the Hofburg to the spectacular Schonbrunn, they’re
all here.

Preview and buy the 2011 Red Map Vienna

To see more posts on Vienna visit: RedMapsBlog/Vienna

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