Meatpacking District NYC Downloadable Map

The Meatpacking District in NYC is one of the busiest restaurant,
bar and shopping scenes in the city.  Its charismatic 19th century
buildings date from when this was the meat processing market for
New York.  They give the area a perfect pedestrian scale…add to
that the beautiful Highline Park and the neighborhood’s charms
are obvious.

This small map (actually, an excerpt from the Red Map of Chelsea
Meatpacking District and the West Village) allows you to quickly
drag its image around on your phone or pad device to see the shops,
hotels and cafes easily and fast.

  • Just click on the map below and you’ll see a hi-res PDF.
  • Download it by saving it to your favorite device.
  • No GPS or WiFi is needed, it’s yours to use once the map is on your phone or pad.
  • We’ll update, so stay tuned for new shops, restaurants and hotels.
  • We hope you like the map, and we welcome your feedback to make it better.

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